campaign psas


Below are preview links to the radio PSAs, as well as suggestions for outreach about this campaign on air and online.  

To access air-ready radio files please visit PSACentral. PSACentral is a service of the Ad Council that provides educators and media directors with broadcast quality and print-ready PSA materials. To enter PSACentral, you will be required to create a new username and password. Once you have signed in, you will be able to search by "campaign" and "medium." Radio ads are found under the "radio" medium and "Unplanned Pregnancy Prevention" campaign.

You can also access the radio PSAs through FirstSpin using the following log-in:
Username: ADACPSAFM  
Password: PURPLE

Please note the expiration dates of these PSAs.



Live Announcer Copy

This humorous, relevant copy – available in lengths of :10, :15 and :30 – can be used to promote the campaign on-air.

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Social Media and Other Outreach

This document includes suggestions for other ways to spread the word about the campaign, including sample social media messaging. We hope these will be a jumping off point for creative promotion of the campaign, and we’re happy to work with you directly to discuss specific outreach ideas.

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On-Air Banter

This document includes talking points and suggestions for your station’s on-air personalities to reference when talking about the campaign.

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